Tuesday, April 08, 2003
  I have been thinking about sex. Nothing really earth shaking there as a red blooded male but I'm actually thinking about it in the afterlife context. Apparently there is a branch of a major religion that says if you do something brutally violent against unarmed civilians you get to spend eternity with 70 virgins. OK, I understand the recruitment value for some ugly fat guy who looks like he has never been introduced to a shower stall but what on earth did the virgins ever do that's so heinous to deserve this? It seems to me if they have any sense at all the last thing these women ( I am assuming it is referring to women) will want to do is die as a virgin before they get stuck in "paradise"! hmmmmm maybe now I'm getting to understand their cunning plan....... they're scaring women into the sack!
  I think that Michael Moore has taken George Orwell a little too literally. When Mr. Orwell wrote of the pig taking over the farm it was an anti-communist metaphor and not a suggestion that if you held to those viewpoints you should actually take on the physical appearance of one. It seems that Mr. Moore's obnoxious pontifications along with his waistline have taken on truly Orwellian proportions.
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